How to drink NutZino?

Drink hints

NutZino is a tasty treat sipped straight, as a liqueur,

or try it in a tall glass with 1 nip of NutZino, mixed with ginger ale & ice

NutZino is also great in hot chocolate or coffee. Add a nip to your cup and taste the difference.

Cocktail recipes

NutZino Icefall

1 nip of NutZino

Half a nip of kahlua

Some ice cubes

One third of a glass of milk

Crush the ice in a blender. Then mix together with the other ingredients.

Enjoy as a cool, refreshing drink.

NutZino Cooler

1 nip of NutZino

Some ice cubes

One third of a glass of ginger ale

One third of a glass of sparkling soda water

Pour the NutZino over the ice. Mix the ginger ale & soda and pour it over the ice.

Add a slice of lemon (optional).

Enjoy as a cool, tangy thirst quencher.